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18 Changed Toc Required Version
Some basic cleanup
moird-35772 5051d 09h 31m /trunk/
17 Removed Automatic option window closing moird-35772 5116d 03h 58m /trunk/
16 Removed Close binding (not used)
Added Automatic binding isolation (other mods shouldn't affect it now)
Moved more functions around, general code cleanup
Made it so that when xcalc is closed option window will be closed automatically
moird-35772 5116d 04h 59m /trunk/
15 Moved some gui centric functions to xcalcgui
Made it so option window is closed when main xcalc window is closed
moird-35772 5116d 10h 03m /trunk/
13 wowi:dirname set again moird-35772 5118d 04h 45m /trunk/
12 Deleted wowi:dirname.... moird-35772 5118d 05h 01m /trunk/
11 wowi:dirname reset again moird-35772 5118d 05h 03m /trunk/
10 Fixed wowi:dirname moird-35772 5118d 05h 12m /trunk/
9 Fixed another issue with the automatic keybindings
added a keybinding to toggle xcalc window
some code cleanup
moird-35772 5118d 05h 45m /trunk/
8 fixed a bug where a person would type this in and it would error: 2+2=2+ moird-35772 5118d 07h 45m /trunk/
7 Updated Toc to wotlk, and xcalc version to 2.1.<SVN Version>
Fixed Keybinding issue
added Backspace to keybindings
Some minor cleanup in other areas
moird-35772 5118d 10h 45m /trunk/
3 Xcalc 2.06 Base added to SVN moird-35772 5118d 14h 34m /trunk/
2 wowi:dirname prop set on trunk moird-35772 5118d 14h 37m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5118d 15h 58m /trunk/