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10 Updated for wotlk. Industrial-18137 5247d 16h 17m /trunk/
9 Recoded the addon, It works properly now. Changed the output frame to ChatFrame1. Industrial-18137 5313d 06h 54m /trunk/
8 Fixed the slash command.
Removed useless code.
Industrial-18137 5313d 07h 50m /trunk/
7 Added support for AddonLoader. Industrial-18137 5334d 17h 12m /trunk/
6 Changed the output frame to the UIerrorsFrame. Industrial-18137 5335d 07h 49m /trunk/
5 Ensure consistent blank line on file endings. Industrial-18137 5344d 22h 56m /trunk/
4 Fixed the TOC version. Industrial-18137 5348d 21h 05m /trunk/
3 Removed the libraries.
Output is now directed to the first chatframe.
Industrial-18137 5348d 21h 12m /trunk/
2 Adding files from the current stable version. Industrial-18137 5348d 21h 26m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5348d 21h 36m /trunk/