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22 Include the actual update would be awesome! :/ p3lim-52096 4758d 11h 35m /trunk/
21 Updated TOC for Patch 3.2
Added own events for Castbar
Removed PostUpdate functions for Castbar
p3lim-52096 4758d 12h 06m /trunk/
20 Fixed a premature mistake p3lim-52096 4844d 09h 42m /trunk/
19 Updated toc to 3.1 p3lim-52096 4867d 18h 07m /trunk/
18 Fixed issues with Rage and RunicPower classes p3lim-52096 4933d 17h 14m /trunk/
17 Fixed updating issues p3lim-52096 4936d 12h 39m /trunk/
16 Removed unintentional header support p3lim-52096 4947d 13h 33m /trunk/
15 Added all units support
Removed useless events
p3lim-52096 4951d 11h 09m /trunk/
14 Fixed bugs p3lim-52096 4985d 04h 40m /trunk/
13 Rewrite to reflect changes in oUF p3lim-52096 4985d 05h 32m /trunk/
12 Fixed channeling issue p3lim-52096 5012d 06h 58m /trunk/
11 Fixed for Death Knights
Removed useless code
p3lim-52096 5012d 14h 48m /trunk/
10 Breaking changes! Check the lua doc
Added more support
p3lim-52096 5025d 13h 39m /trunk/
9 Update to 30000 p3lim-52096 5051d 17h 07m /trunk/
8 Added documentation
Changed the booleans
p3lim-52096 5063d 11h 14m /trunk/
7 Fixed for all classes p3lim-52096 5097d 16h 47m /trunk/
6 Frames now independent
Fixed most issues
p3lim-52096 5097d 18h 51m /trunk/
5 Now uses events and a proper check p3lim-52096 5098d 20h 42m /trunk/
4 Fixed for layouts without oUF Castbar p3lim-52096 5098d 21h 49m /trunk/
3 Initial commit p3lim-52096 5098d 22h 09m /trunk/

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