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39 Fixed element loading p3lim-52096 3898d 00h 04m /trunk/
38 Updated TOC for Patch 3.2
Added support for xp enabling/disabling
Removed MouseOver boolean
Removed OverrideTooltip function
Major cleanup, should work flawless
p3lim-52096 3898d 02h 57m /trunk/
37 Fixed pet updates (for good) p3lim-52096 3918d 03h 33m /trunk/
36 Fixed disable function now registering p3lim-52096 3950d 03h 52m /trunk/
35 Fixed rested bar values p3lim-52096 3952d 02h 05m /trunk/
34 Fixed issue with rested on non-rested players p3lim-52096 3962d 05h 44m /trunk/
33 Fixed loading issues with pet p3lim-52096 3962d 12h 31m /trunk/
32 Added safer level checks
Added proper disabling if player is top level
Fixed issue with non-rested player and tooltip
p3lim-52096 3968d 01h 49m /trunk/
31 Fixed issue with rested bar showing on pet
Fixed level check tainting with oUF
p3lim-52096 3969d 20h 55m /trunk/
30 Added rested support
Added OverrideTooltip function
Rather big cleanup
p3lim-52096 3974d 05h 36m /trunk/
29 Updated toc to 3.1 p3lim-52096 4007d 07h 15m /trunk/
28 Pull out early if there is no need to update p3lim-52096 4076d 01h 48m /trunk/
27 Fixed pet update
Fixed pet "bubbles"
p3lim-52096 4077d 06h 19m /trunk/
26 Added :PostUpdate
Added :OverrideText
Removed .Colors option
Removed UNIT_PET event
p3lim-52096 4100d 01h 46m /trunk/
25 Added unit check for UNIT_PET
Removed faulty unit check
Removed unneeded script creations
p3lim-52096 4101d 01h 44m /trunk/
24 Fixed visibility p3lim-52096 4118d 13h 59m /trunk/
23 Fixed colors table p3lim-52096 4118d 16h 03m /trunk/
22 Fixed bugs p3lim-52096 4124d 17h 48m /trunk/
21 Rewrite to reflect changes in oUF
Removed Reputation
p3lim-52096 4124d 18h 37m /trunk/
20 Added some more options p3lim-52096 4133d 02h 56m /trunk/

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