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38 Again too many changes to keep track of individually. Industrial-18137 4802d 13h 32m /
37 Again lots of little changes. Industrial-18137 4802d 15h 12m /
36 Industrial-18137 4814d 17h 15m /
35 More stuff. Industrial-18137 4814d 17h 17m /
34 Changed the party buff display.
Gave the frames a little translucency.
Industrial-18137 4854d 21h 50m /
33 Fixed the main unit buffs. Didn't do the party ones yet. Industrial-18137 4921d 21h 29m /
32 Change padding.
Put the castingbar without an icon on the mana bar.
Industrial-18137 4941d 12h 15m /
31 Re-enable the names on unitframes.
Added a custom onupdate function for /.+target/ units.
Industrial-18137 4941d 13h 01m /
30 Added a castingbar.
The onupdate status updating now uses the event system again.
Industrial-18137 4941d 13h 09m /
29 Adding raid icons and master looter icons. Industrial-18137 4941d 14h 43m /
28 Fixed a syntax error. Industrial-18137 4941d 15h 03m /
27 Create a separate function and layout for the pet unitframe.
Add a happiness display to the pet unitframe.
Move party out of range fading to the party layout.
Industrial-18137 4941d 15h 05m /
26 The leader icon texture gets set automatically by oUF. Industrial-18137 4941d 15h 15m /
25 Rewrote some code to do the same thing better.
I'm now (maybe temporarily) updating frames on an OnUpdate per unitframe.
Added a threat icon to the topright of the frame.
Changed/fixed the buff positioning and sizes.
Added a layout for partymember frames.
Didnt get the buffs to work with the partymemberframes correctly yet.
Industrial-18137 4941d 15h 18m /
24 Change the buff size and positioning. Industrial-18137 4942d 16h 17m /
23 Woops, removed a bit too much there. Industrial-18137 4942d 16h 23m /
22 More restructuring.
Remove oUF_Smooth and oUF_DebuffHighlight support.
Industrial-18137 4942d 16h 25m /
21 Restructuring. Industrial-18137 4942d 16h 29m /
20 fixed the range display Industrial-18137 4972d 14h 49m /
19 adding suport for oUF_DebuffHighlight Industrial-18137 4977d 12h 38m /

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