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86 Added buffFilter
Fixed aura-related functions
Fixed threat percentage
p3lim-52096 4931d 08h 21m /trunk
85 Added custom tags to own file
Fixed aura timers
Removed LSM from optdeps
p3lim-52096 4940d 13h 49m /trunk
84 Added assistant icon
Added max number of debuffs (20) on target
Removed SharedMedia registration
Removed level tag
Removed masterlooter icon
p3lim-52096 4944d 12h 30m /trunk
83 Update to reflect changes in plug-in p3lim-52096 4964d 08h 02m /trunk
82 Added difficulty color to level tag
Added caster name to aura tooltips
Added working threat color to threat tag
Fixed power display showing 0
Fixed combo hook updating too often
p3lim-52096 4978d 11h 05m /trunk
81 Added threat tag to player health string p3lim-52096 4988d 21h 34m /trunk
80 Added a threat percentage display to target
Fixed the debuffs on focus frame
Fixed the pvp tag
Removed OnMouseUp script
p3lim-52096 4996d 06h 11m /trunk
79 Added untested pvp tag p3lim-52096 4999d 18h 27m /trunk
78 Changed license, add-on is now free for all p3lim-52096 5000d 14h 37m /trunk
77 Added rested bar
Removed powerbar on target if unit has no power
p3lim-52096 5000d 14h 39m /trunk
76 Added a custom license
Added a more strict truncate function
Fixed pvp colors on name tag
Fixed buff filter on player frame
p3lim-52096 5012d 09h 26m /trunk
75 Added decimals to mega and kilo number formats
Added more specific buff filter for player frame (using a table that I have locally stored, see line 184 in oUF_P3lim.lua for more information)
Fixed issue with LibSharedMedia beeing optional dependency
Fixed issues with combopoints not beeing functional if the player is on a vehicle at login
Fixed issues with vehicle combopoint taunting
p3lim-52096 5029d 17h 12m /trunk
74 Syntax fix p3lim-52096 5031d 08h 23m /trunk
73 Added statusbar texture to SharedMedia (if present)
Added short values to focus and tot health
Added buff display for player for short-time buffs (
Fixed issue with vehicle combopoints function got tainted by other vehicles
p3lim-52096 5031d 08h 37m /trunk
72 Added cancel buff function
Added vehicle support
Added color difference on target debuffs to easily identify ownership
Fixed aura reskin issues
Removed combo points tag on pet unit
p3lim-52096 5033d 15h 51m /trunk
71 Updated Toc number to 3.1 p3lim-52096 5036d 16h 16m /trunk
70 Updated for 3.1
Removed portraits (until I find a decent solution)
p3lim-52096 5036d 16h 36m /trunk
69 Fixed issue with power tag when unit is nil p3lim-52096 5041d 12h 38m /trunk
68 Added tags for mostly everything
Added some support for 3.1
Removed PostUpdateHealth function
Removed oUF Swing support
p3lim-52096 5042d 17h 31m /trunk
67 Added global names to all units, healthbar, powerbar, experience, swing, reputation, druidpower, runebar(s) and castbar(s) p3lim-52096 5052d 10h 18m /trunk

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