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37 - New statusbar textures
- New health percent fontstring on player and target.
mrruben5-27435 4522d 04h 20m /
36 More tweaking to buffs/debuffs. Player buffs will have a blue border if theya re a magic effect. mrruben5-27435 4523d 05h 54m /
35 - Add Replenishment to AuraBars blacklist.
- PostUpdateAuraIcon tweak (I don't want grayscale no more!)
mrruben5-27435 4523d 08h 19m /
34 AuraBar tweaking (add some warlock stuff) mrruben5-27435 4524d 09h 02m /
33 Various little tweaks. mrruben5-27435 4525d 02h 09m /
32 Add Sacred Shield and Beacon of Light to whitelist for AuraBars. mrruben5-27435 4525d 07h 58m /
31 - PostCreateAuraBar no longer gives the AuraBar frame as second argument, so remove the second argument in the function.
- Enable sorting.
mrruben5-27435 4525d 20h 40m /
30 Add a switch to toggle statusbar texture tiling. mrruben5-27435 4525d 23h 23m /
29 Disable statusbar tiling. mrruben5-27435 4526d 09h 35m /
28 ... whatever. mrruben5-27435 4528d 03h 48m /
27 More aurabar stuff. mrruben5-27435 4529d 20h 11m /
26 More rewriting. mrruben5-27435 4529d 21h 58m /
25 Woops, forgot about the saturation part. mrruben5-27435 4529d 22h 51m /
24 - No longer show cooldown on auras without duration (black essence of wintergrasp etc.).
- Support for oUF_AuraBars (fixed version being included next commit, including some shiny additions!).
- Disallow vehicle swap for player frame.
- Faster HP updates for people without quickhealth (24 times a second)
- Move player debuffs and target auras 5 pixels lower because it looks better.
mrruben5-27435 4530d 00h 36m /
23 - Woops, duplicate OptionalDeps.
- Add X-Embeds tag.
mrruben5-27435 4530d 08h 11m /
22 - Add LibSharedMedia-3.0 (to toc and lua)
- Register all the fonts in the media directory to LSM
- damn 4 spaces to tabs
mrruben5-27435 4530d 08h 14m /
21 testing SVN externals(I want LSM embedded) mrruben5-27435 4530d 08h 48m /
20 add wowi-id. mrruben5-27435 4530d 09h 35m /
19 Hide the castbar if quartz is loaded. mrruben5-27435 4531d 03h 17m /
18 gradient texture for HP bar and healcomm bar only please. mrruben5-27435 4531d 03h 35m /

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