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21 Updated TOC for Patch 3.2 p3lim-52096 4025d 21h 37m /trunk/
20 Fixed first load p3lim-52096 4032d 14h 41m /trunk/
19 Preparing for 3.2, removed 'all' feature and cleaned up config
Removed 'all' feature
p3lim-52096 4032d 16h 27m /trunk/
18 Added a custom license
Removed GPL license
p3lim-52096 4113d 17h 53m /trunk/
17 Added license
Fixed issue with blank blacklist
p3lim-52096 4125d 15h 18m /trunk/
16 Updated toc to 3.1
Fixed issues with savedvariables
p3lim-52096 4135d 00h 15m /trunk/
15 Cancel doesnt work :/ p3lim-52096 4138d 16h 49m /trunk/
14 Added a cleaner config
Fixed some performance issues
Fixed compability issues
p3lim-52096 4138d 16h 49m /trunk/
13 Added mass filter option
Added additional options to slash handler
Added smarter database system
p3lim-52096 4202d 22h 36m /trunk/
12 Fixed error on combat login
Removed strict filtering
p3lim-52096 4220d 19h 05m /trunk/
11 Minor cleanup p3lim-52096 4231d 22h 59m /trunk/
10 Fixed typo in slashhandler p3lim-52096 4239d 08h 09m /trunk/
9 Rewrite, more user-friendly p3lim-52096 4239d 09h 14m /trunk/
8 Cleanup and clarification p3lim-52096 4252d 14h 51m /trunk/
7 Updated database
Fixed the handler
p3lim-52096 4296d 22h 07m /trunk/
6 Update to 30000 p3lim-52096 4319d 21h 07m /trunk/
5 Some fixes p3lim-52096 4369d 16h 50m /trunk/
4 Removed whitelist, no need for it p3lim-52096 4398d 09h 16m /trunk/
3 Initial commit p3lim-52096 4398d 11h 13m /trunk/
2 Create directories p3lim-52096 4398d 11h 16m /trunk/

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