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Rev Log message Author Age Path
28 Minor cleanup p3lim-52096 4065d 16h 38m /trunk/
27 Added a custom license p3lim-52096 4113d 18h 09m /trunk/
26 Updated toc to 3.1 p3lim-52096 4135d 00h 58m /trunk/
25 back to square one! p3lim-52096 4158d 17h 05m /trunk/
24 Change in core p3lim-52096 4239d 08h 25m /trunk/
23 Added option to hook tooltip p3lim-52096 4239d 08h 25m /trunk/
22 Fixed config loading p3lim-52096 4248d 19h 08m /trunk/
21 Fixed DB issue p3lim-52096 4309d 02h 46m /trunk/
20 Fixed click script p3lim-52096 4309d 22h 23m /trunk/
19 Added LoD config p3lim-52096 4313d 23h 26m /trunk/
18 Library update, take two p3lim-52096 4319d 00h 42m /trunk/
17 Library update p3lim-52096 4319d 00h 46m /trunk/
16 Update to 30000 p3lim-52096 4319d 21h 54m /trunk/
15 Added LDB support p3lim-52096 4323d 01h 22m /trunk/
14 Fixed errors p3lim-52096 4342d 00h 17m /trunk/
13 Config rewrite p3lim-52096 4342d 18h 17m /trunk/
12 Added MouseWheel support
Added more information
Fixed garbage collect tooltip
p3lim-52096 4351d 23h 58m /trunk/
11 Fix minor bug with options p3lim-52096 4365d 00h 38m /trunk/
10 Bit too fast around the corners p3lim-52096 4384d 17h 11m /trunk/
9 Removed help lines, wowi description is enough
Updated for WotLK
p3lim-52096 4384d 20h 57m /trunk/

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