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14 - updated for WoD Seerah-39096 1826d 07h 09m /trunk/
13 - updated libs again Seerah-39096 2613d 14h 25m /trunk/
12 - updated TOC for MoP
- removed "MONOCHROME" font flag because it crashes the client currently
- updated libs
Seerah-39096 2614d 05h 11m /trunk/
11 - updated libs
- updated TOC number
Seerah-39096 3029d 04h 33m /trunk/
10 - latency module now uses World Latency in its display
- there is a new tooltip for the latency module, showing both UI and World latency (you can disable it in options)
Seerah-39096 3167d 11h 36m /trunk/
9 - updated libs Seerah-39096 3171d 07h 37m /trunk/
8 - updated libs
- bumped TOC number
Seerah-39096 3273d 05h 40m /trunk/
7 - per-module options are in! not for colors though
- updated SharedMedia widgets for options - nice new looks!
Seerah-39096 3388d 06h 02m /trunk/
6 - updated libs and TOC number Seerah-39096 3603d 05h 30m /trunk/
5 - ack! accidently had a generic variable as a global. that could have cause some problems... Seerah-39096 3671d 08h 41m /trunk/
4 - fixed bug where modules were white when logging in with them locked
- added class color support for suffix texts
- added CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS support
Seerah-39096 3671d 10h 07m /trunk/
3 - changed version number to "1.0 beta 1" to reflect beta status Seerah-39096 3672d 06h 53m /trunk/
2 - initial import Seerah-39096 3672d 07h 00m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 3672d 07h 02m /trunk/