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Rev Log message Author Age Path
85 Fix portal bug Rilgamon-205066 1600d 00h 23m /trunk/
84 Rilgamon-205066 1600d 10h 26m /trunk/
83 removed pre-bfa function Rilgamon-205066 1601d 01h 24m /trunk/
82 .toc updated Rilgamon-205066 1601d 04h 33m /trunk/
81 Fix bug when querying player position while another map is shown Rilgamon-205066 1607d 03h 58m /trunk/
80 Rilgamon-205066 1608d 12h 30m /trunk/
79 Rilgamon-205066 1608d 21h 01m /trunk/
78 BfA/Live add helperfunctions to work on both Rilgamon-205066 1609d 09h 13m /trunk/
77 Update for new zzCommon Rilgamon-205066 1610d 22h 09m /trunk/
76 Change to "self:"-function for zzConf Rilgamon-205066 1626d 10h 53m /trunk/
75 Hide map coords on mouse over Rilgamon-205066 1628d 06h 27m /trunk/
74 Remove LibQTip Rilgamon-205066 1628d 07h 28m /trunk/
73 Rilgamon-205066 1628d 08h 33m /trunk/
72 Try to reduce memory footprint Rilgamon-205066 1628d 23h 49m /trunk/
71 Rilgamon-205066 1633d 02h 59m /trunk/
70 Added optional MapID on worldmap
Use Fontstring instead of tooltip on worldmap
Rilgamon-205066 1633d 03h 37m /trunk/
69 Fixes WorldMap display Rilgamon-205066 1634d 01h 31m /trunk/
68 Loading provider.lua added Rilgamon-205066 1634d 09h 59m /trunk/
67 Add provider for bfa map Rilgamon-205066 1634d 10h 00m /trunk/
66 Rilgamon-205066 1635d 03h 24m /trunk/

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