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Rev Log message Author Age Path
62 removed debug print Rilgamon-205066 1706d 10h 56m /trunk/
61 first try to add libguildbankcomm Rilgamon-205066 1714d 14h 21m /trunk/
60 fix currency tooltip Rilgamon-205066 1714d 14h 22m /trunk/
59 Added optional dependency LibGuildBankComm-1.0 Rilgamon-205066 1715d 16h 33m /trunk/
58 .toc updated Rilgamon-205066 1716d 10h 37m /trunk/
57 Add failcount for delayed guildbank inventory Rilgamon-205066 1722d 07h 17m /trunk/
56 Rilgamon-205066 1723d 18h 29m /trunk/
55 Clean up for improved zzCommon Rilgamon-205066 1726d 14h 44m /trunk/
54 Cleaning self-functions, added names/icons cleaner. Rilgamon-205066 1727d 16h 23m /trunk/
53 Fixed empty void storage after login Rilgamon-205066 1727d 18h 43m /trunk/
52 Fix getIcon Rilgamon-205066 1728d 06h 40m /trunk/
51 Added tooltip for Recipereagents Rilgamon-205066 1728d 07h 15m /trunk/
50 Rilgamon-205066 1728d 08h 03m /trunk/
49 Cleaning playerID Rilgamon-205066 1728d 08h 08m /trunk/
48 fix leaked global 'input' Rilgamon-205066 1728d 09h 28m /trunk/
47 removed resultcache Rilgamon-205066 1728d 16h 23m /trunk/
46 Remove resultcache Rilgamon-205066 1735d 09h 13m /trunk/
45 Fixed guildbank tooltip Rilgamon-205066 1735d 13h 10m /trunk/
44 fixed guildbank tooltip Rilgamon-205066 1735d 13h 15m /trunk/
43 Added cleanup functions to remove chars/guilds Rilgamon-205066 1735d 13h 31m /trunk/

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